The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan
Joe Martin
A play on the life of the young Sufi woman, of Indian descent, who emerged as
the heroine of the French Resistance known as “Madeleine”: a devotee of nonviolence
and one of the most honored agents of the British Secret Services in the fight against
Nazism – whose only weapons were a radio, and a.

Bridge Theatre Group
The New York International Fringe Festival, August 2013
Directed by Adrian Roman
Music by Maitreya and Neil Padukone

The play is one part Merchant Ivory and three parts docu-
drama—only pared down and more gutsy.The music,
created and performed by Maitreya and Neil Padukone,
adds to the cinema-like quality and reminds me of the
main character’s eastern and spiritual roots (…)

Noor’s father, Inayat Khan, tell his daughter about how
all life is like music.“The universe” he tells her,“is made
of sound, there is nothing solid, all of it is vibrating.We
are the receivers if we allow ourselves to be finely
tuned.” She uses her father’s ideas in a synergistic mix
with her training in music and spirituality to become a
world class peaceful spy.I imagined that seeing matter
as permeable helped her evade the Nazis as long
as she did.

Before she joins the resistance she writes children’s
stories.During the early part of the play a section of her
tale “The Monkey-Bridge” is told.And the image of
a selfless monkey chief offering a mango appears
with great poignancy throughout the play.

This is a riveting story made smart and accessible with a
wonderful script, by Joe Martin, the creative team and
cast. The direction by Adrian Roman is wonderful...
For a brief time we get to meet Noor Inayat Khan
and she renews our faith …"

                               —ALICE KLUGHERZ,
          New York Theatre Reviews        
                                      “Usher Nonsense”
Reviews from the U.S. premiere

“SOUNDWAVES: The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan” covers a lot
of historical territory. Born into a spiritual and musical family, Noor
Inayat Khan ...worked for the British SOE (Special Operations
Executive) during World War two.She was sent to France to help the
resistance during the Nazi occupation under the code name of
Madeleine...Her father, Inayat Khan, was famous both as a musician
and Muslim Sufi mystic.

...Soraya Broukhim, is as close as we’ll come to the real Noor
Inayat Khan. I felt like I was getting the rare privilege of getting to
know this incredible woman through Ms Broukhim and the rest of
the cast.She not only looks like the pictures of Noor Inayat Khan,
she portrays the passion and innocence that makes us hang on
her every word.
"SOUNDWAVES: The Passion Of Noor Inayat Khan, is a play about an exemplary hero, the Sufi
mystic children’s author, musician, advocate of Gandhi’s principles of non-violence and World War II
spy for the British secret service in Nazi occupied France...each actor in the ten-person cast led by
Soraya Broukhim as Khan, is equally and strongly committed to his or her role...beautifully
accompanied  by Neil Padukone on sitar and oud and Maitreya Padukone on tabla ... Arooj Majid plays
Khan’s father Hazrat Inayat Khan and the Monkey King. In one of the most enjoyable parts of the
evening, he explains as the father, that all matter and spirit are sound waves that we can understand if
we are “finely tuned.”  Majid portrays Inayat Kahn with a poise and warmth that rivets the audience."
                                                                                                  ........................NYC Theatre
Noor's Jataka Tale: "The Monkey Bridge"
 Interviewed by SOE Chief  Buckmaster (Matthew Lewi)
Noor (Soraya Broukhim) and SOE trainer Leo Marks (Anthony Crane)
The "Canadians" Bertrand and Valentin" (Perri Yaniv and
Zenon Zeleniuch) and Noor (Soraya Broukhim).
Women resistance pirsoners, Dachau.. (From left Anna Marie Sell, Ana Grosse, Maya Helene de Bresser, Soraya Broukhim.)
Noor (Soraya Broukhim)
"Moves between detailed historical description, on the
one hand, and in parallel gives a taste of spiritual and
Islamic mysticism on the other ... SOUNDWAVES
fascinates and enchants the audience with the beauty
of its text and the energy of its cast."
                             Lisa Nava,  (Italy)
Amina Begum (Ana Grosse)
Noor Inayat Khan
With Vilayat (Kesav Wable)
Kesav Vable, Soraya Broukhim, Ana Grosse