WOYZECK, 1993, Washington DC.
Open Theatre/CITE.  Stephen Angus as
Woyzeck and ensemble.
Open Theatre/DC: Stage Works/Joe Martin
Selected Theatre Productions ... continued
ANATOLE'S LOVER, by Joe Martin 1991, Washington
DC. Open Theatre at Church Street Theatre.  

Lucy Simons, Kate Faulconer, Lisa Lias)  Anatole
Deibler, son of a French executioner, tries to leave home
to change his career--in a 19th century France that will
not let him.
PARABOLA: Tales of the Wise and the Idiots,
1990 Washington DC.  Open Theatre/DC. A dance theatre
work, by Joe Martin and Anne  Bassen, Choreographer.  
Pictured, Mark Moorehead and Erin Day.
Two "fabulists" or dervishes in a bath house square off in a duel
of esoteric tale-telling.
PARABOLA: From left to right: Mark Moorehead, Guy Callan,
Stephanie Phelan, Joan Amrol, Anne Bassen and Erin Day