The storm broke like a heavy branch
sweeping over the nets of lake Patzcuaro
and blinding the wind with its weight

I'd been wandering fitfully on
the unencumbered tombs and temples
distracted by the occasional flights
of flickering lizards in the stones

The Tarascan women of today
weave strapped to looms bound to tree trunks
The trees at Tzintzuntzan
clasp the rocks of ruins in their roots

How much lies buried in the red earth
How many paths back that only lizards
can follow--How much I want to bind myself
to a trunk with such an anchor

The sweeping rains wiped out the view
But I had seen the women who embrace trees
They make livings here

Peter Lang Publishers
Tiger Moon

Our visions are real
not  products of our minds
If there in the horizon
we see at long last
a blue sea reflecting an adriatic sun
or a lake holding up sea birds
on its shimmering light--
these are not hallucinations
but sun art by a nameless painter
How many men through eons
have sought the quenching shores
of the great Fata Morgana?
They died along the way
to the unreachable happy end
while a reflection in sand
fired up their fantasy.
The thirsty search for a destination
shapes the vector on which we rise
roving through time
Strindberg was...'a man who knew a
thousand arts'...His translator Joe Martin is
not far behind him in versatility. Martin's
experience as a scholar, playwright,
novelist, poet, essayist, theatre director
and producer is a perfect fit, as he
presents 'other sides' of Strindberg to a
North American public...These 'other sides'
have not only to do with the selection of
plays, but also the generous
commentaries concerning the background,
form, content, and reception of the works
which Martin includes here. At the heart of
this effort lies the intention to understand
and explain the remarkable synthesis of
the later Strindberg's work: the dialectic
between religious mysticism and political

--From the Foreword by Bjorn Meidal, Author of
From Prophet to People's Tribune: Strindberg and
the Strindberg Feud